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The Time Diet



The Time Diet 

Monday is as good a day as any to start a new diet. I’m not talking a food diet, I’ve given up on them, I’m talking a TIME diet

I’m tracking what I do in 15-minute increments to become a more efficient machine than I already am.  I have a chart on the fridge and will fill it in every hour with what I’ve done in that time. At the end of the week I should have an idea as to where I can shave and save a few minutes and over a few weeks these few minutes will add up to an hour and hopefully more than the hour over a month.

The understanding is to prioritise and reciprocate time… do the important stuff first and then give back your time to people who give you their time.

Sounds simple huh? but it’s easy to get stuck on the daily stuff that gets in the way of the important stuff like family and making money. Without money you can’t pay bills or buy food right so that is a priority, housework can be delegated as can other less important tasks and this is what frees up your time to spend with family.

Finding people in your life that are willing to help you is a huge part of getting sh*t done. You can’t do everything in life by yourself, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. You might need special equipment or skills that you just don’t have and waiting around for months for these people to do the job can be draining. You stay up late, get up early and then realise that all your efforts are not noticed or appreciated. Then you begin to wonder whether the end goal is actually worth it all!


What sort of person are you? 

Do it yourself as it’s easier than waiting for someone else to do it?


Has everyone organised as a team helping each other?

Regimented by your watch or planner?

Always making plans and never achieving them?

Any of the above and you might just benefit from a Time diet too!


This week is preparation week

It’s time to clear the clutter that’s holding me back, clear the calendar of “to do” crap and start next week with a very purposeful agenda of getting my time back!

Let me know if you’re interested in getting your time back and I can share some info with you.


cath halsall

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