Be Consistent With Your Business Building Tasks

Be Consistent With Your Business Building Tasks and your business will repay you for your efforts.

We use the term building a business because this is what we must do. We start at the bottom with no customers and over time we find customers and find people to join our business giving us the building blocks for a successful business.

Imagine what would happen if Morrisons only opened the supermarkets when the Manager and the staff felt like turning up for work?
Customers would be arriving to do their shopping and would not be able to get in.

Pretty soon these customers would not bother even turning up at the shop and would simply find somewhere else to go.

When running your business straight from the beginning where you have nothing you must form a plan and make a personal commitment to work your business daily.

This personal commitment will be based upon the time but you have available to work your business around your other commitments.

It may be a time commitment or a quantity commitment whatever you both feel at the time suits you and your business the best.

It may be that you will make friends with two new people a day and nurture this relationship so that it either leads towards a sale of products or this person joining your business. This relationship can take moments or years to build depending on The strength of the connection that you have with this person.

If you commit to making friends with 10 new people a day then your business will grow faster than with just two per day.

Your commitment is to yourself and your goals and no one else. Your company will still flourish without you so you are only letting yourself down if you do not keep up consistently with this commitment.

Planning your daily routine is essential to keep up with this commitment and consistency.

The people who are most consistent with working their business on a daily basis are the ones who usually climb the marketing plan faster than the others who spend their time simply talking about their business and watching other people whilst they grow their business.

Comment below if consistency is one of your problems and share where you feel you let yourself down. Sharing your problem with us will help you to identify and acknowledge where you think you are failing and hopefully we will all be able to help you find a solution to your problem.


Be Consistent With Your Business Building Tasks




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