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​Don’t Be Desperate When Making A Sale


Don't be desperate


When you are talking to people about your products or your business no matter how much making this sale means to you don’t be desperate.

Don’t Be Desperate When Making A Sale!

You can use all of the scripts written by the top people in your company but if you are appearing desperate people will not buy from you or join your team.

Take a more relaxed approach and learn to let go of the outcome. If the person does not buy from you and does not join your team the world will not end and you do not need to convince them of anything otherwise.

Being over accommodating and eager can also come across as being desperate rather than simply being enthusiastic about your company and products so try and find a happy medium between the two.

People/clients can sense desperation in your actions and your tone of voice. Learn to turn this into posture so that you remain with the upper position in the conversation.

Has anyone tried to sell you something and just sounded so desperate that it put you off buying a product that you otherwise might have been curious to try?


Don't Be Desperate





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  • Helen Doyle

    `Cath, you have it right here. I remember an incident when I was working as a water supply and sewerage engineer for the Public Works in New South Wales. There was a second section that worked with public buildings.

    A salesman came to my office and proceeded to try and sell me some pipe fittings. I told him he was in the wrong section and he should go there. Apparently he had and they sent him to me. (I did have words with that section later (in a joking way of course) as I expect they didn’t take to him either..

    Now he was small plumbing goods. The pipe designs I worked with were those big ones that bring water to towns and cities and took sewage to the treatment plants. Even in his dreams his parts didn’t fit.

    His final ploy was a statement that’ if he didn’t sell anything he would lose his job. I could hear the laughter from offices down the hall and my office mate, hidden behind his storage cabinet was almost choking trying not to laugh. I basically told him to get out as he was wasting both his time and mine.

    When he left my immediate boss came down and said ‘boy that guy doesn’t know women very well does he!”

    • Cath

      Thanks for your comment Helen, it really does go to show that sometimes people should just take a look at who they are talking to and ask the question “does this person really need what I am selling?” If the answer is “No” then they should walk away.

    • Cath

      Nike, Sometimes I think if we could watch a playback of how we are we would be shocked at how we actually come across to people. Hold your posture and keep control of the situation.

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