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Compliance – Use Your Company Materials and Videos


What is Compliance and why is it so important?

Compliance – Use Your Company Materials and Videos

Compliance is very important for you and your company as this is a legal matter and not just one that a company has made up to make things difficult for you!

When you are talking about your products remember the words and phrases that you are allowed to use and remember the words and be aware of the words that you are not allowed to use.

This applies when prospecting and talking about income that can potentially be earned and also be wary of any medical claims that you might be making regarding products that your company produces.

When prospecting it is simply your job to find someone who is interested and then point them in the direction of the company compliant video presentation or slide book.

Your company will have invested thousands of $ or £ on creating what they believe is the most truthful and exciting presentation of your company. This presentation will already have worked for many people before you and will continue to help others in your company sign up new recruits. There is therefore no point in you trying to reinvent a process that is already working well.

When talking about your products do not make medical claims, do not use medical terms i.e. dose, be wary of using your own before and after pictures as these two can be seen as making claims. Pictures can be taken in different light, from different angles and with different backgrounds that can easily make the pictures appear to be something that they are not. Check with your company what photos of your own you are actually allowed to use.

If your company is global always use the text from your company country specific brochure as that will have already been passed for compliance within your country. Do not take wording from a global website as this text will only be compliant in the country where the website is hosted.

I know that this might sound boring, hard work, tedious and may even take the fun out of some of the postings that you could make on social media but remember it only takes one complaint from somebody who reads your post to instigate a full investigation by your country’s advertising standards authority. Would you want the responsibility of causing this to happen?

Post safe, use your company compliant material and set a good standard for your team to follow.

It only takes one rotten apple or one person to take a shortcut and all of a sudden social media is filled with spammy non-compliant material.

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