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    You need to be willing to make new friends to grow your business!

    “If you don’t talk to anyone you are not going to build your business “   How many people thought that if they joined their company that they could put a few Facebook posts up and they would sell tons of products, recruit a team of 30, who all recruited a team of 30, and that they would be at the top of their company by tea time? I think we all know by now that it doesn’t work like this! The uncomfortable truth in the matter is that you need to be prepared to TALK to people and make new friends.   You need to be willing to make…

  • Social Media Tips

    Compliance – Use Your Company Materials and Videos

    What is Compliance and why is it so important? Compliance – Use Your Company Materials and Videos Compliance is very important for you and your company as this is a legal matter and not just one that a company has made up to make things difficult for you! When you are talking about your products remember the words and phrases that you are allowed to use and remember the words and be aware of the words that you are not allowed to use.

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    What is a Chicken List and What Do You Do With It?

        Now for those of you who have never heard of a chicken list read on… What is a Chicken List and What Do You Do With It? When you first start in network marketing you will have a planning meeting with your Sponsor.  One of the tasks your Sponsor will ask you to do is to make a Who Do You Know List or WDYK for short.  This list will contain names of people that you think would be a good fit to join your company or who may have a need for your company products.