Procrastination Doesn’t Pay The Bills!

Procrastination Doesn't Pay The Bills!


I will say it again… Procrastination Doesn’t Pay The Bills!

Do you have a little job that you keep putting off?

Do you always manage to find something else to do instead and then find that you have run out of time to do what you have been putting off?

Do you have a task that you quickly get bored with doing and so any tiny distraction is a welcome excuse to stop doing it and go and do something else leaving the task unfinished?

Is this starting to sound familiar?

The only thing holding you back from getting this “to do” thing “to done” is YOU!

Stop putting it off and do it now!!!

* you need to acknowledge that you are procrastinating about getting this job done. Admitting this to yourself will help you to cope with the next step.

* identify the WHY … Is the task daunting or boring? Work out why you are putting off the task.

* take an action step to get this job done

Pick up the phone and make that call, type in the message and press send, walk right up to that person, and with posture and purpose, ask or tell them whatever is is you need to do or sit down and research and write that piece of content.

Once you have done it you will realise that it’s not as scary as you thought and you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.

You might even progress a bit faster in your business knowing that whatever it was has been done and you feel accomplished at having done it.

You know that you are probably going to have to do it again right? … But next time it’s going to be easier because you have already done it once.

Take a deep breath and go and get it done. You will feel amazing.

If this post has spurred you on to get something ✔️ off your “to do” list then please let me know what it was in the comments below.


Procrastination Doesn't Pay The Bills!





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